Presenting at Carolina Code Camp 2011

I’m going to be presenting a couple of sessions at the Carolina Code Camp this weekend. The Carolina Code Camp is always a good time – well organized, educational, and fun. I’m looking forward to it.

Do More (ETL) with Less (Effort) – Automating SSIS
SSIS is a great tool for transferring data from one data source to another, and for implementing complex ETL processes. However, for simple, straightforward data transfer tasks or packages that adhere to a pattern, creating SSIS packages by hand can be time-consuming and repetitious. By attending this session, you’ll learn how to automate package creation in SSIS, including the dynamic generation of data flows. We’ll cover some of the free and open source tools available for this, and discuss “roll your own” options.


Do You Know the Data Flow?
The Data Flow task is one of the most powerful and most complex tools available in SSIS. Whether you are brand new to SSIS, or you’ve been using it for a while, it’s likely you’ve had some questions about the Data Flow. Why are some components so much slower than others? Why can’t I store a value (like a row count) in one component, and use it in another component later in the Data Flow? And why does it always seem to be the part of my package that fails when I run it against real data? Well, you’re not alone. During this session, we’ll answer these questions (and many others) by learning how the Data Flow operates internally. After attending this session, you’ll know a lot more about getting the most out of Data Flows in SSIS.

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