Handling Advanced Data Warehouse Scenarios in SSIS

For everyone that attended my presentation of “Handling Advanced Data Warehouse Scenarios in SSIS”, thank you. I’ve posted the slides, SSIS packages, and database script from the presentation on my SkyDrive. You are welcome to download them and take a look at the inner workings. A note of caution, though: please test these in your environment and with your data before applying the patterns everywhere. As I pointed out during the presentation, I had no foreign keys on the data warehouse I was using as a sample, and several of the examples used the technique of generating your own keys in the data flow. If you are using foreign keys or identity / sequence keys, you will need to make some adjustments to the patterns.

The presentation covers the loading of Late Arriving Dimensions, Parent-Child dimensions, Type 3 dimensions, and Type 6 dimensions. Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll be producing a series of blog posts detailing the patterns from the presentation in more detail. I’ll also cover a couple of bridge table patterns which I couldn’t squeeze into the presentation.

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