Presenting at SQLSaturday #70

I’ll be doing two presentations at the SQLSaturday #70 (#SQLSat70) in Columbia, SC this weekend (Saturday, 3/19). Really looking forward to this event – the last Columbia SQLSaturday was a blast, and this one promises more of the same. There are a number of excellent speakers presenting, so there will be plenty of sessions to learn from.

Varigence will have a table at the event. If you are working in Microsoft BI, I encourage you to stop by and take a look at what we are doing – it’s very cool.

Do More (ETL) with Less (Effort) – Automating SSIS

SSIS is a great tool for transferring data from one data source to another, and for implementing complex ETL processes. However, for simple, straightforward data transfer tasks, creating SSIS packages by hand can be time-consuming and repetitious. By attending this session, you’ll learn how to automate package creation in SSIS, including the dynamic generation of data flows. We’ll cover some of the free and open source tools available for this, and discuss “roll your own” options.

***If all goes well, you may even get a sneak preview of some exciting new BIDS Helper functionality at this session ***

Handling Advanced Data Warehouse Scenarios in SSIS

So you’ve used SSIS to populate a simple star schema data mart, and everybody’s happy. But now you have new requirements that require more advanced data warehouse approaches, like late arriving dimensions, bridge tables, parent child dimensions, and Type 3 or Type 6 slowly changing dimensions (SCD). How do you handle those in a scalable, efficient way in SSIS? This session will present some common patterns for handling these scenarios. You’ll learn when to use each advanced approach and the pros and cons associated with each pattern. You will learn how to implement these patterns in SSIS, and how to tune them for high performance.

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