Presenting at the SQL Server Best Practices Conference

I’m going to be presenting two sessions at the SQL Server Best Practices Conference on August 24-26 in Washington, DC. This conference has a different focus than many of the technical conferences that I’ve presented at in the past. Instead of technical deep dives, the focus is on providing attendees with information on the decision points they are likely to encounter in their projects, and guidance on how to choose the best course of action at those points. It promises to be a very interesting conference.

I’ll be presenting on two topics. The first, Unit Testing SSIS Packages, is a topic I’ve presented on before, but not with this focus. I’m a big fan of unit testing and the test driven development (TDD) model, but I’ve found that there are numerous challenges in applying this approach to SSIS. So my session will focus on the best practices you can use to make this successful.

My other topic, SQL Server BI in the Cloud, is a new one for me (and for pretty much everyone, considering that SQL Azure is still pre-CTP). However, I’ve been doing some work with it and other cloud based models for BI, and there are some clear key decision points that you need to consider when embarking on this type of project. I’m really looking forward to this one, as it’s a new area, and that always prompts good discussions.

If you are attending, please consider dropping by for my sessions. If you’re not registered for the conference, there’s still time, and there’s a great lineup of speakers.



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