RetainSameConnection and Expressions

I ran across a forum post today that highlighted a limitation with connection managers that I wasn’t aware of, so I thought I’d post it here. If you have RetainSameConnection set to TRUE, and you are also trying to update the connection string through an expression, be aware the connection will not change to reflect the new connection string. Basically, the connection will retain the original value (as RetainSameConnection would indicate).

You might encounter this if you are looping through a set of databases on a server. If you wanted to perform an operation on each database that required a temp table, you would set RetainSameConnection to TRUE. Unfortunately, as soon as you do that, the connection will no longer be dynamic.

I’ve created a sample package to illustrate this. The package flow is straightforward. There is a ForEach Loop that iterates through the databases on the server. The Execute SQL Task retrieves the row count from the sys.tables system view, and stores it in a variable. The Script Task fires two information messages that show the current value of the connection string, and the row count from the variable.


These are the results if RetainSameConnection is set to FALSE (with the correct counts):


and these are the results if RetainSameConnection is set to TRUE (the counts are all the same, from the initial connection):


This isn’t a major issue, but it is helpful to be aware of it. The same behavior occurs under CTP6 for Katmai. It makes sense, given that the RetainSameConnection property is supposed to keep the same connection throughout the package, but it can cause some unintended consequences. I’ve posted the sample to my Skydrive here.

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