Package Configuration Editor

Well, after a few weeks of playing around with it, I finally finished an initial version of a tool for editing SSIS configurations. It’s pretty basic, but it is functional. It supports editing configurations stored in XML files and databases. You can download it from here.

The initial version supports editing existing configuration sources. That is, you can’t create a new configuration file from scratch with it, but you can add new configurations, and edit and delete existing configurations. The nice part about this is that if you add a new configuration to an existing file, packages that use the configuration file will automatically make use of the new configuration, without you have to change the package at all. There is one caveat to this behavior, the package path value in the configuration has to be valid in the package that is using the configuration file. Otherwise, you will get a warning message when the package loads.

The same thing holds true for database configurations. If you add a new package path, but reuse an existing configuration filter, it will be applied to any packages that use that configuration filter. The database editor treats the configuration filter and package path as the key for a configuration entry, so you have to delete and re-insert a row to update either of those columns.

Some future improvements that I would like to make:

  • Add some validation to the values. Right now there is no checking to ensure the data being entered can successfully be converted to the appropriate data type.
  • Add a package browser for the package path.

I’ve tested this a bit myself, but I’m definitely interested in feedback on it, whether it is bugs or suggestions for improvement. You can leave comments on this post, on the file listing, or you can email me at

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