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Presentations at Atlanta’s BI Edition SQL Saturday

I presented this weekend at SQL Saturday #477 in Atlanta. It was a great event, very well organized. I appreciate all the attendees at my sessions – there were some great questions and comments. I promised that I’d publish my slides and sample code, so here it is.

Getting Started with SSIS Script Tasks and Components

This session was an introduction to the scripting objects in SSIS, and how they can be used to extend the built in functionality. Download the files here.

Testing Data and Data-Centric Applications

This session was on testing data-centric applications, both during development and how you can continue validating your data in production. Download the files here.

Thanks again to eveyone who attended!

You Don’t Have Time for Testing?!

I wrote a post for the Pragmatic Works blog that I thought would be interesting for my readers, so I’m posting a teaser here. If you want to read the whole post, go here.

I’ve been a big advocate of testing for applications, databases, data warehouses, BI and analytics for a while now. Not just any testing, but real tests that help you truly verify the state of your code, applications and data. I like Test Driven Development, but really any approach that focuses on automated, repeatable tests that verify meaningful functionality I find hugely beneficial. And almost no one I’ve ever talked to about this topic has disagreed with me. (There was that one guy, but he was a FoxPro developer, so…) But there’s often a point where the conversation goes sideways.

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