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Sample Files for Introduction To Analysis Services 2008

We had good turnout at the Greenville, SC SSIG on Tuesday. If you attended, I hope you enjoyed the presentation. After the meeting, I promised several attendees that I would make the samples developed during the demo available, and here they are. The zip includes both the SSAS project files, and a backup the sample database that the cube was built on. Both are done using the 2008 version of SQL Server.

If you have any questions about , please post them in the comments.

Presenting At SSIG in Greenville, SC

I’ll be doing a presentation on Analysis Services at the SQL Server Innovators Guild in Greenville, SC on Tuesday, Dec. 1st. I’ll be delivering an introduction to SSAS, with lots of demos. If you are interested in attending, please register here. It’s a presentation that I’ve done a few times now, but because it’s mostly demo, something new and interesting always comes up.


Introduction to Analysis Services 2008

This session is intended to introduce database developers to Analysis Services 2008, with a focus on being able to quickly construct usable OLAP cubes. This presentation will be light on slides, and heavy on demonstrating how to perform the steps to create the cubes. During this session, we will cover the creation of a new cube from an existing database step by step. We will also highlight the reasons for using Analysis Services, and applicable scenarios for using it.