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Processing Flat Files with SSIS at SQLSaturday #61

I’m looking forward to speaking at SQLSaturday #61 (#sqlsat61) in Washington, DC this coming weekend (12/4/2010). As usual for a SQLSaturday, there are some great speakers scheduled to present.

I’ll be presenting on “Processing Flat Files with SSIS”, which goes over some tips and tricks for working with flat files. It’s always a fun session to give, as everyone seems to have encountered some troublesome flat files at some point in their career.

If you are in attendance at the event, please feel free to stop by and say hello.

Data Cleaner Component Published on CodePlex

If you saw my talk “Implementing a Data Cleansing Component for SSIS” at the PASS Summit or SQLSaturday #56 (#sqlsat56), you might be wondering where the source for the sample component is located. It’s published on CodePlex, and downloadable from the Source Code page. As time permits, I’ll create an installer for it, and there’s some updates I’d like to make to add some more functionality. But it’s usable right now, and serves as another example component if you are looking to create your own.

If you have suggestions for improvements (and there are many that can be made), please post them to the CodePlex project’s Issue Tracker page.

Moving Data with SQL Azure and SSIS

I did a presentation on moving data to and from SQL Azure for SQLSaturday #49 in Orlando. In it, I reviewed a few of the options available for getting data into and out SQL Azure, including SSIS, BCP, and the Sync Framework. I neglected to load the slides up to the SQLSaturday site, though, so I’m making them available here.

One item to note – in the presentation, I said that the SQL Azure Data Sync tool only supported syncing SQL Azure databases – no on-premise SQL Server. That was correct at the time, but Microsoft has now announced that CTP 2 for Data Sync will support on-premise SQL Servers, meaning it’s a much more viable option for moving data.

The presentation is available here.

Recap of “Do You Know the Data Flow” at the Atlanta BI User Group

Last week I presented “Do You Know the Data Flow?” to the Atlanta BI user group. The meeting was well attended, with about 40 people present. The group was great, with lots of good questions and comments. I finally got to meet in person several people in the SQL Server BI community who are local to Atlanta – Teo Lachev, who organizes the group,  Jen Underwood, and Julie and Audrey of DataChix fame. Aaron Nelson (@SQLvariant), Denny Cherry (@mrdenny), and Jorge Segarra (@SQLChicken) were also there.

This was my first public presentation of “Do You Know the Data Flow?”, which is always a little interesting. It’s a subject area I’m pretty comfortable with, though, and the presentation went smoothly. I got some great feedback on it (thanks, everyone), with several people telling me that they’d learned something new. For me, as a presenter, that’s great to hear, because I want people to feel like it was well worth their time to attend. Based on the feedback for this one, I’ll be putting it in my regular roster of presentations.

The slides from the presentation are located here.