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Less than 2 Weeks till SQLSaturday #48

SQLSaturday #48 is coming up in a few more days, but there is still time to register. There’s a great lineup of speakers, and you can can’t beat free for training.

I’ll be presenting 2 sessions on SSIS. If you are there, feel free to drop in.

2 Days to SQLSaturday #46

Only 2 days until SQLSaturday #46 – if you aren’t registered yet, there’s still time. $10 for lunch, lots of great speakers, and some really interesting presentations – what better to do on Saturday?

If you make it out, look me up. I’ve got two presentations, and when I’m not presenting, I’ll be hanging around the Varigence table.

Presenting at SQLSaturday #49 in Orlando, FL on October 16, 2010

I have a very busy schedule in October. As already mentioned, I’m presenting at SQLSaturday #48 in Columbia earlier in the month. I also have the privilege of presenting at the Orlando, FL SQLSaturday #49 on October 16th, 2010. Thanks to Andy Warren for squeezing me into a slot that opened up in the schedule.

I’ll be presenting a newly revised presentation on SQL Azure – Moving Data with SQL Azure and SSIS. The abstract is:

SQL Azure allows you to host your data in SQL Server in the cloud. That provides some big benefits in scalability and management. However, it leaves open the question, “How do you get your data into / out of the cloud?” At some point, you are going to need to move data to or from an on-premise store to SQL Azure. In this session, we’ll discuss the available options for this, including SSIS, the Sync Framework, and BCP. We’ll cover the pros and cons for each. We’ll drill into one of the options, SSIS, in detail, and review performance options and potential issues that you may encounter when doing this.

I’ve presented on SQL Azure in the past, focusing on how it could be leveraged for BI purposes. In this session, we’ll focus in on moving data in and out of SQL Azure, as that’s an area that’s changing pretty rapidly right now.

If you read the blog, please introduce yourself. I’ll be around all day, and I’m always happy to chat.

Thanks to the Raleigh Triangle SQL User Group

This is overdue (the aforementioned blog problems have delayed a lot of posts), but I wanted to say thanks to the Raleigh, NC TriPASS User Group for letting me present on August 17th, 2010. I talked about “Processing Flat Files with SSIS” and had a great audience, with lots of questions and participation. It was a great experience, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Presenting at SQLSaturday #48 in Columbia, SC on Oct. 2nd

I’m excited to be presenting at the upcoming SQLSaturday #48 in Columbia, SC on October 2, 2010. I get to give two presentations at this one:

  1. Creating Custom Components for SSIS – if you are interested in building your own custom components for SSIS, this is a good session to attend
  2. Processing Flat Files with SSIS – feeling confused and angry about the way SSIS handles your flat files? Join this group therapy session where you can learn some tips for making SSIS behave.

If you read the blog, please introduce yourself. I’ll be around all day, and I’m always happy to chat.

Presenting at SQLSaturday #46 in Raleigh September 18th, 2010

I’m very happy to be presenting at the upcoming SQLSaturday #46 in Raleigh, NC on September 18th, 2010. I’ll be presenting two sessions, one on Processing Flat Files with SSIS, and the other on Patterns for SSIS Configuration and Deployment.

I’d also like to mention that Varigence is one of the sponsors of this event, along with other a number of other impressive companies. It’s great that so many companies are willing to sponsor these local community events, and I know from helping with the SQLSaturday here in Charlotte that having willing sponsors makes setting up the event much easier. If you’d like to see a demo of Vivid, Mist, or Hadron, feel free to drop by our table at some point during the day.

If you are a reader of this blog, please introduce yourself. I’ll be around all day.

It’s Alive!

You may have noticed a real dearth of posts over the last couple of months. That’s been a function of two things:

  1. I’ve been very busy at work with the release of Vivid, our Excel OLAP client, and working on the upcoming releases of Mist and Hadron.
  2. My hosting company and blog software conspired to prevent me (or any of the bloggers at Agile BI) from posting or even logging into the site.

I’m still really busy at work, but I have resolved the 2nd item. New hosting company, new blog software, and everything’s up and running. Unfortunately, if you had an account on the site previously, you will need to create a new one, but hey – look at it as a chance to get that user name you always wanted :) .

In any case, the posts should be back on a more regular schedule over the next few months. David Darden, Melinda Cole, and Justin James also will be posting some updates. Please let me know if you experience any problems with the new site, and I’ll try to get them addressed as soon as possible.