New Path, Same Focus

I’ve worked with Mariner for almost 12 years. It’s been a very good journey, with many great experiences. I’ve worked with a lot of great people, and delivered some really interesting BI solutions to clients in a number of industries. One aspect of my job that I always particularly enjoyed was helping developers be more productive when creating BI solutions, and reducing the repetitive (read: “boring”) aspects of developing solutions on the Microsoft stack.

Recently, a new opportunity to focus more heavily on that came along. As a result, after a long and enjoyable career with Mariner doing business intelligence consulting, I am taking a new position with Varigence, a company that is producing tools that will make implementing BI solutions faster and easier, as well as introduce new capabilities and better integration into the Microsoft BI stack.

I’m really looking forward to the new role and the new experiences it will offer. I will continue to be heavily involved in Microsoft BI, so I plan to maintain this blog and continue speaking and writing on it as often as often as possible.


  1. toddmcdermid says:

    Congratulations, John! Good luck at Varigence.

    Follow the path that keeps you happy – hope to see you again in February…

  2. rfsalas says:

    We are going to miss you here at mariner. Personally, for me it was a great experience to have worked with you these past 4 years and enjoyed each of the projects worked together(OK, most of them :) ). Best of lucks for you!

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