Configuration Approaches In SSIS

A number of the SSIS MVPs were asked to contribute a white paper to MSDN a few months ago, and those articles were published recently. You’ll notice a common thread in most of the topics:

They are all great articles, and well worth reading.

Judging by the volume of questions related to configurations on the MSDN Forums, they are one of the more confusing features of SSIS. While there is some overlap in the articles on configurations, there’s valuable information that is unique to each, and will help give you a more rounded view of how to use them. As there are a lot of options and tradeoffs with configurations, it’s no surprise that everyone uses them slightly differently.

I hope the articles are valuable. Please leave comments if you have an approach to configurations that works well for you.


  1. mct says:

    One thing I still haven’t been able to find out, is how do you serialize and de-serialize an object to and from config ? Is it even possible ?

    Ex. I have Custom classes that are common across many of my packages. Ideally, I would like to store a class instance as a single variable in a config variable, and then deserialize the instance data into an SSIS “Object” variable.


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