Presenting ‘Enterprise Class Analysis Services Development’ at the Vancouver PASS Chapter

Hey Guys!

I’m going to be giving a presentation on Enterprise Class Analysis Services Development at the Vancouver PASS Chapter Friday, March 12th.

I’ll be talking about some of the topics I’ve blogged about here, including working with multiple developers, using a custom MSBuild task to build SSAS Databases, and reviewing a monitoring/reporting solution for SSAS.  If you don’t happen to be in Vancouver, you can always attend virtually.  :)

Title: Enterprise Class Analysis Services Development

SSAS is one of the most popular tools for OLAP, but many organizations experience challenges when attempting to use their standard development best practices with the tool. This session will cover many topics around enterprise development practices for SSAS, including how to effectively use source control with multiple developers, enable robust automated build/deployment strategies, implement usage monitoring and tracking solutions, and support unit testing for SSAS solutions.

Objective 1: Demonstrate how to use source control with multiple developers.

Objective 2: Show techniques to automate builds and enable robust deployment strategies.

Objective 3: Review strategies for robust monitoring of multiple SSAS deployments for development, administrative, and business purposes.

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  1. matt.warden says:

    I’ve looked through your blog posts and am very on board with what you are trying to do. Most BI “project development” (vs report dev) tools — not just SSAS — are single-user or at least difficult to use with multiple users. This obviously cannot scale.

    Have you taken a look at products specifically designed for agile BI delivery, like Consensus from Balanced Insight (disclaimer: I work for them)? I think the goal is to facilitate agile BI delivery into good platforms like SSAS, rather than trying to replace those platforms.

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