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Adding Custom Components to SSIS

Below are the basic steps for adding custom components to SSIS; however, for more in-depth information I highly recommend reading Matthew Roche’s post about deploying and testing custom SSIS components.  1. Register the custom assembly in the Global Assembly Cache … Continue reading

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The Path Specified Cannot Be Used At This Time

This morning I needed to check the properties for one of our SharePoint application pools so I logged onto the server and opened Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager.  To my surprize the root was empty; it should have automatically connected to the … Continue reading

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PPS Filters: Beware of Changing Keys

The other day I thought it would be fun to arbitrarily change the keys for all the members in one of my dimensions.  Actually, there was a legitimate reason but after the fact I realized there was a much better … Continue reading

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Boost Performance in PerformancePoint Server

I found this and thought I’d pass it on. When implementing a PPS dashboard, the browser of choice should be Internet Explorer 8. Whereas IE7 only supports up to 2 concurrent connections to the server, IE8 supports up to … Continue reading

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[Double Clicking Bracketed Text in SSMS]

I’m a big fan of SQL Server Management Studio; it’s a really great tool with a tremendous amount of functionality.  Lately I’ve been working in the new 2008 version of SSMS and a few days ago I noticed some peculiar … Continue reading

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